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I have noticed something that could be coincidence or not. The more commonly found critters (can be found in all 3 caves) give eggs decently often. Moonlight Grotto seems to drop the eggs the most to me. i think the counter restarts with each new cave dive as I get the eggs more often in the middle or end of my runs. The rarer to be found (cave-specific) critters like the fish looking one, the one that flashes you with the white light, and the one that "spits" on you and destroys the block you are on...I never got an egg from these 3 in 4 runs. That might need looking into or maybe I haven't given enough to them, but I have helped MANY of each of those 3 and get no eggs. Can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if it is bugged? The egg drops as soon as they despawn and sometimes takes about 2-5 seconds to register that you got it. PLEASE make it somehow give it to you quicker? Those plants ruin your day while you wait. I cannot reliably get past Tier 4 as my gear is not fully upgraded on the PC version yet. I cannot imagine how bad it must be to wait in tier 4 and 5 with the plants constantly spamming you lol
I have good news and bad news, the good news is I was able to make some changes and, with an upcoming patch, tame eggs should spawn at the same time as the Lesser Crystal Caches, hurray! The bad news is I think you may be unlucky. I checked the data for the egg drop rates and confirmed:
  • All companions have the same chance to drop an egg when assisted.
  • Companions do not care about what cave or what tier you are in when they consider providing an egg
  • The companions do not keep track of any other companions that you have assisted when deciding whether or not to dole out an egg.
  • The companions don't have any sort of timer that helps them decide whether or not to provide an egg.
That said, I'm still thinking of ways to smooth out the Geode Companion experience. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this thread.
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