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Thread: Club Patagonia

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    Club Patagonia


    I am Badante of club Patagonia owner and creator. I started in alpha on Feb 2014 and est Club Patagonia on april 2014. The club is now reopening and looking for new members to fill its ranks. questors, builders, merchants ... what ever is your style we have a home for you. A fully built club with member housing consisting of apartment suites, houses or even room for you to build your own.

    So come home, come back to the original player base that helped start it all. Club Patagonia is looking for you new or old, we have a spot just for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_mv0vgW0Yw

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    The details

    Club Patagonia is a very old club that has just came back into life after a couple years. We have been on since the alpha and beta and final release.

    The club is currently looking for Officers and members to help fill the ranks for adventuring, questing, geodes, exploring.
    The club always welcomes builders aswell. Where as most clubs struggle to find builders for the club , Patagonia has always had a master club builder with projects ALWAYS on the burner.

    Our builds are massive and extensive with enough to keep you wandering for hours. And we continue to this day.
    We have a MASSIVE land base with places for anyone to take over as there own land and build however they see fit.

    If you are interested in a visit or join plz send msg to Badante, club master builder and owner.

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    Dont be shy

    This club is for every level, you started today ..... you started in Alpha. Does not matter, we got the good times just for you ! More eye candy in the club then you can shake a stick at. More help then you could ever need. We are a family we are a team and we aim to become more than the sum of our parts. So come back home .... come back to Patagonia .... where you have always belonged !!! 8) .... Club Leader and creator Badante Sinferno at your service 8)

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    Gonna need an invite, broseph.

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    Hey Teehee, it's a real pleasure to talk with you,

    I would be happy to invite you in it


    IGN : Saltwater_sam
    Discord : _Doudou_#2738
    Trove Collections Club : 8277286365205537144

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