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I love your attitude, your still new and cute.This is a beta known glitch. If you search the forums you'll see at least one Dev CM saying they can't fix this one, something to do with ID numbers or some other excuse.
This is a bit condescending. While this is a known issue, we still appreciate Gedc bringing these things up to the team. Here are some steps that may resolve this for affected folks: 1. Open your personal chest and make sure there is room to put an item in it 2. Switch to your Crafting inventory tab 3. Scroll down to the item that is stuck, and try to move it to your personal chest (At this point it is probably showing the tooltip for a different item)4. Move up and down with the d-pad on the item in question, and try to move it again You can also try these steps with respect to the item shown when you try to move a crafting item. For example, if you see Tentacles of Q'bthulhu when trying to move Quad-Forged Shadow Souls, then try moving up and down on the d-pad from your Tentacles of Q'bthulhu instead.
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