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Thread: White Screen Can't Join World

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    White Screen Can't Join World

    White Screen Can't Join World
    My account (cmlyons6 psn) isn't working. When i start the application it loads everything, but once the world loads a bit the entire ps4 freezes and the screen goes white. I have already tried the renew release, my internet isn't the issue, and when i made another account the game loads fine. Its just the cmlyons6 psn that is glitched. Already installed and uninstalled several times. Anyone have suggestions i had a #58 candy barb and have been locked out for months.

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    Join on a friend playing trove or if no friends go to a community and join on someone.
    Click join, ff to the play button but don't click play let it join you to them.
    This takes you to a playable area.

    this happens to me when I log out in geode top or certain clubs with a lot of placed items etc.
    Keep trying to join on someone, normally works 1st time though

    I'm guessing your in a troll club with max plants placed making you unable to load in.

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    ty so much

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