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Thread: Bomber Royale- First Block

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    Bomber Royale- First Block

    Time. Everytime
    Where. BR
    Expected. I got "first block"
    Observed. The floor is lava/lowest skyblock+ knock enemy into it with Bomb Jump or Sticky Bomb.
    Repro steps:
    1. put lava somewhere
    2. lower enemy HP to ~3k
    3. knock him into lava (without killing)
    4. got only kill not "first block" or Messenge on top of screen "you kill enemy"
    5. gg not funny.
    Ps. There should be ~60 sek time to kill past dealing enemy damage... Just think about Island map where u can got water jumps much more seconds than 15...
    and when u 1v1 (2 players left) u should ALWAYS get kill on this looser player, coz he's dying in some way... for example knock... and he will die, but not count as killed...
    6. GG.
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    Not a bug

    This is not a bug, devs patched first blood so it can only count if the last killing hit is a direct hit, no longer by lava neither by knoking someone off.

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