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Thread: Bobbles pods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugly View Post
    I'm on console but being in grass can't the BOTs just write a macro and mass farm these from grass or is that not a issue?
    Was there a reason to remove them other then we were getting more then they wanted us to?
    My assumption is that they didn't want a non-timegated method to earn Bobble Pods (see: removal of bobble pods from composting badges), I'm assuming to limit the number of seeds you can get without actually crafting them (really, I think it's to limit alchemy plant access, since crafting those is time gated by requiring quality organic refuse and potentially superior organic refuse, both of which are primarily byproducts of harvested plants -- granted that you can buy moonlight tempers from the marketplace, so that is a workaround to the timegate). Bots would have an easier time farming bobble pods with the grass breaking method, though, so it's possible that's the real reason or part of some bigger reasoning.

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    I suspect the move is to make farming a flux sink to force endgame players to use their flux on the update with the assumption that endgame players will play more if you input a flux sink. This really completely misses the point of how much flux endgame players can get on a fairly quick basis. I think rather than focus on taxing endgame players they should just create things to do. That is why the bobble pod farming was good. I see a lot of endgame players enjoying doing it and enjoying bobble farming, but now that it is a flux tax once you have the mastery farming is done. Kind of disappointing to me as I found the whole farming think a bit relaxing, but I ain't going to grind flux to farm.

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    Not sure if someone else has said this, but...

    I think the bobble pods should be tied to the moonlight bulbs. They are not very rare, but more rare than grass which would balance it out...and give newer players a chance...

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    Just to update here.
    Rate from harvesting plants are still low.
    However, I got 5 Bobble Pod seeds from Superior Compost Heaps The patch note and Trovesaurus didn't mention, and has been mentioned by others. But since the Ally Habitats (with the most cheapest one being a LOT) has been increased, getting Superior Organic Refuse is kind of a joke...

    It doesn't mean the dev should tweak it or something, because this is based on community's trend. Once most top players already got the rares even from the most expensive habitat home, the trend of Ally Habitats will go down, as I already mentioned in other threads. This is very important because Bobble Pod Seeds CAN be obtained via Superior Compost Heaps (not sure lower quality one), and with those habitats, we get those heaps everyday. (Here to thanks those clubs who share out too)

    Today I also discussed with a clubby about "Club cost" and "Club Planting 500 limit". The Bovine Buildmaster can bypass first 500 limit, He say: "500 is too less and will cause people spam clubs" "Why not make unlimited?"
    But I have few reasons:
    1) Gardening is not meant to be on club. Imagine 700 players in a club and when planting is unlimited. Yeah Steed Feeds. But hey, who sponsor the resources? Don't forget you spend ZERO resource on getting Radiant seeds or tons of seeds from Bobble Pods. This is also why they reworked it, because I got my MAJORITY of the seeds from just 8 Trovians farming. 10-20 per hour. (Google Utube before ask me)
    2) If gardening has 2000 slots instead, I will create tons of small clubs and mess up Golden Soul supplies. 500 is a fair number because Trovians can only have up to 5 club spots. But then, Bobble Pod supply has been tweaked, there is no reason to brings up a club.
    3) The only reason to bring up a club for planting is for insurance. YES. CORNERSTONE DISAPPEARANCE bug. Bug forum got 1 Trovian still didn't get their 2 CS back (Thank god before gardening and no expensive shxt, mainly due to Weekle Leaderboard server issue as well). The Bobble Pod's supply change hopefully will stable down the Golden Soul's desperate needs. Because getting seeds are harder now.

    Here are other things I add on:
    1) Gardening is still imbalance. Consider make Bobble Pod drop rate higher or based on Vegetables' rarity. Even though player are mean to get Bobble Pod seeds from harvesting plants so they have REASONS to craft seeds, and convert lower grade to higher grade seeds.
    2) Cornerstone bug RED ALERT. We don't want World War III on Forum.
    3) Have fun on Gardening, don't take Gardening 2.0 is just another 9999*9999 Steed Feeds spam.

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    Lots and lots of us are done with gardening 2.0 already, other than waiting for rare spawn.

    The only real challenge is composting 1m items for folks who got in/got clued in late... but even that is a wash.

    Plants sprout again and again, golden cans end up making literally everything except compost a total meh.

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