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I'm on console but being in grass can't the BOTs just write a macro and mass farm these from grass or is that not a issue?
Was there a reason to remove them other then we were getting more then they wanted us to?
My assumption is that they didn't want a non-timegated method to earn Bobble Pods (see: removal of bobble pods from composting badges), I'm assuming to limit the number of seeds you can get without actually crafting them (really, I think it's to limit alchemy plant access, since crafting those is time gated by requiring quality organic refuse and potentially superior organic refuse, both of which are primarily byproducts of harvested plants -- granted that you can buy moonlight tempers from the marketplace, so that is a workaround to the timegate). Bots would have an easier time farming bobble pods with the grass breaking method, though, so it's possible that's the real reason or part of some bigger reasoning.