Introducing: the Ancient Aegis!
After a year or so away from modding, I'm back with a new costume design, and featuring possibly the biggest shoulderpads of any Revenant thus far! The Ancient Aegis is a replacer for the following: the Starter Revenant costume, the Starter Revenant Helm helmet, and the Guardian's Stand spear. Additionally, it replaces the default Spirit Wraith (which affects all Revenants who use said default Spirit Wraith.) It does not replace any VFX. This costume was not created with any particular theme in mind, beyond "spiky" and "black and gold."
The download link can be found >>>here,<<< and screenshots can be seen below. In addition, a video can be found here.

1.1 addition: a (much) better cape!

1.3 addition: meet one of the Ancient Aegis's favorite implements of war (and one of the few capable of carrying the weight of his armor from place to place): the Harvester!