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    Trove is Going Green Now Live on PC!

    We are proud to announce that the Going Green update is now in season, and that means that Gardening is bigger and better than ever. With new ways to craft, new plants to harvest, and new food to eat… It’s time to dig in!

    We’ve turned Gardening up to 300, granting the rank of Horticulturist. There are also two new types of plants available: Vegetable Plants and Alchemy Plants. Alchemy Plants give you more of the resources you need, while Vegetable Plants give you vegetables to help you grow big and strong.

    Eat your veggies! Wash your vegetables at the Vegetable Sink, then equip them in the Food slot to get a buff! This buff will go away over time, so make sure you keep the food coming.

    How does your garden grow? All new Vegetable and Alchemy plants require watering and time before they can be harvested! Grab a Watering Can and get to sprinkling.

    Reap all kinds of new rewards with Gardening:

    Bobble Pods are a fun new kind of pinata – throw them and watch them grow, then beat them up with some friends to get a shot at the Ridable Bobble Pod, a new immobile mount. Live out your best grocery store ride fantasies!
    Grow Ally Habitats together with your club – get the rare ally and watch the whole server tromp through your club!
    Kahramet, Warden of the Fields has also been attracted to Trove by the new growth – take flight on her flowery wings!
    New badges for Harvesting, Watering Plants, and Composting, each with their own rewards!
    Get all the juicy details on this Gardening update by reading our patch notes.

    Don’t be a late bloomer – go start your own garden today!

    *Gardening 2.0 will come to consoles later this summer.

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    - Please remove the 500 plant limit for club worlds. I notice with ally habitats there seems to be encouragement to make gardening a communal club activity but the 500 plant limit would work against this objective. Perhaps make it 500 plants per ZONE instead of club?

    - Please change it so Bobble Pod seeds can be planted in club worlds.

    - The loot/reward for composting certain items seems too low. Composting things like Enchanted Scale and Ancient Scale, and some dragon fragments should yield more than simply one regular 'Organic Refuse'

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    oh man lol, I logged in to the forums and saw this post and got excited seeing this thread thinking consoles were finally getting it

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