@PichuYang, Aww lolol I have a fun Troll rant game I do in Trove's Global chat for this type of discussions. I call them "Global chat PvP chat wars". Players at first are truly made at each other with such things as color names and P2W players but, as soon as I come in and make it an ESPN event of PvP of sorts....I must say the two players get a kick out of it all and end up being friends in chat for all to see. In the end they realize we all love this game and have strong feelings to express in chat and it just so happens that thr is several ways to support the game and P2W is one of them via a Patron Pass. Your comment put a smile to my face as it reminded me that I made a difference in my Global chat and that being said it reminds me. What if Patron Pass let you decide from your friends list who is in your Global chat?! I have had so many randos send me friend requests just to hope to be in my Global chats but for some reason or other Global chat has several chat rooms and we as players never know who will be in them.