A key element of this update is the ability to give water to plants. Therefore, Watering Cans recive an extremely high importance. And this importance should not be reduced to a 3x3 radius if you are going to water hundreds and thousands of plants.

Over the last few weeks of PTS beeing online, there has been a time when Watering Cans were able to water plants in a 4x4 area. Having it like that felt muuuuuch more intended than this 3x3 radius, given how 'Growers Greenhouse' fixture from Harvesting Station is spaced with 4 tiles for plants inside:

So I was shocked, when Watering Can's watering radius was decreased again. It not only makes plants not fit properly inside this new fixture, but it also causes people to go through much more trouble when they want to grow a large number of plants.


Optimatically, watering radius would cover a 5x5 area. This perfectly covers exactly one quarter of the 10x10 area that an Insta-Grower can take care of:

Please take into consideration that people on PTS can instantly access all three Tractor mounts, which give unlimited water etc. Therefore testing on PTS does focus on gardening with these mounts included and leave the alternative - the non-credit way - pretty much untested. Otherwise there had been multiple posts about the tediousness on PTS already at this time.