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    RMT Flux Selling Spam

    Hey Devs, it's a joke that this post even needs to be made. get off your lazy god damn ***** and do something about it. My ignore list has more than 200 spammers ignored and they still spam non stop.

    Get a ****ing clue and do something about it.

    Signed everyone tired of this ********.

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    Reporting and ignoring (both available by right clicking on the name in the chat window) are great features you can use in the mean time.

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    They are not great features for RMT spammers. It's almost as if someone from Trion removed the level 20 Mastery restriction for chat, or it does not apply to player made channels. Either way, the current amount of spam is absolutely unacceptable.

    For normal people who may need reported or ignored, report spam and ignore work fine.

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    It's really annoying indeed.
    And the report not always work, i have no idea why, many time i try to reporte or add a spammer to the ignore list and it doesn't work at all.

    Can't you guys make a black list for the mail server they're using to spam create account? It can't be a comercial mail provider that normal players use, right?
    At least try to fight it by other means than just banning the accounts.
    IGN: _Ethernet || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    Hello there,

    A player already told me about it, I reported the issue to the team so we'll handle it.

    Thanks for reporting.

    TroubleInParadise, please next time ask politely.

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    I believe by now after a while people are getting impatient about it so this led to a small vent and coming out a tad rude. Hopeful that the gold selling bots ect. Keep getting placed in special places to infinitely stay away from people otherwise more people might get mad or avoid chats all together and then defeat a point in a MMO. Been reporting as necessary and still encourage others to keep clicking report since it also auto ignores
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