With this update there are three things comming whose make our life harder than it needs to be:

1.Horticultural Harvester

It harvests eligable plants. But it actually also gets rid of dead plants. However, this second function is not explained on that mount even if it should be at least mentioned somewhere.

I had one club member messing around with a mining laser though she had this mount in her collection.

1. Have a second text below saying 'it also destroys withered plants'.
2. Change the existing description into 'Harvests all eligable plants and destroys all withered plants within a small radius'.

2. Club plant limit
So there is a limit for how many plants can be placed inside a club.

But how many? It is a real nuisance if you use a club with many members together, craft hundreds and thousands of seeds and then you are able to place down only 5 because other members were already that close to the club's limit.

1. Write the max plant number on seed's description.
2. While planting down a seed, show how many more plants are allowed and update the club's recent activities log with that.
3. Add a new toogleable option inside settings that adds a current/max value of how many plants are inside a club world. Similar to how you can toogle coordinates visible and invisible on top of your screen.

3. More data inside Gardening Bench
This update is quite nice and all, but it heavily lacks information inside Gardening Bench. Exspecially when you move your mouse over craftables, it gives you a very poor explanation, that does not allow you to plan ahead at all...

All information that you get is that it is an alchemy plant (if it is one) and if it can be harvested one time or multiple times.

Seeds in Gardening Bench lack detailed information, which should be added. Such as:
-Time until a seed is grown and can be watered for the first time.
-Water required until a plant can be harvested for the first time.
-Amount of vegetables/materials that a plant produces when beeing harvested.
-Number of water that a plant needs to be re-watered after harvesting; in order to make it become harvestable another time.

And additionally for alchemy plants:
-Time (or number of day resets) until it can be watered again.
-Time (or number of day resets) until a plant can be harvested after it was fully watered.
-Time (or number of day resets) until it can be harvested again after harvesting.
-Time (or number of day resets) until it can be watered again after harvesting.