Harvesting Station allows you to create new fixtures, which is nice, but those amongst them with a directional relation are in need for a change:

As you can see, this 'Growers Greenhouse' fixture has an entrance, which I want to have placed at the end of my path in the back.

But since you do not have the entrance but the very back of this Greenhouse in front of you while placing, it becomes reeeeally messy if you want its entrance to be accuratelly placed at a certain position. Or can *you* say if it gets placed on the end of the path when I press left click on this screen?

All fixtures with a directional importance should have their entrances beeing directed to the builder while placing.

Fixtures with directional importance are:
-Growers Greenhouse
-Treehouse of Friendship
-Wooden Bridge
-Hillside House
-Lily Pond
-Shroom House