Ok, console kinda feels like the ugly child you guys don't want to talk to any more. So with that in mind I thought I'd start this little thread where people can ask some questions and maybe get some answers, like the old Trion Days. Please keep things civil.

1: We've had no word as to what happened to Luxion last week, where he jumped a week ahead on his inventory after the store maintenance on the 22nd, meaning many players missed getting the 2nd week items.

What are you doing about this?

EDIT: Now Fixed.

2: Now we see that PC will get the Manure Update..I mean Going Green Update on May 28th yet we still have no word what so ever on when BR season 2 will come to console. I understand splitting up PC from Console but where you said PC would get a steady stream of "trains from the station" we didn't realise Console updates would come via an asthmatic sloth with chronic arthritis!

Can we please get some rough ETA's as to when we might expect any sort of update or if you intend to release BR2 and Going Green together or separately?

EDIT: From another thread it would appear both are coming together sometime in "Summer"

3: What is the future of Trove Console going beyond Going Green? Do you have plans to deliver Geode Phase 3 (Cosmic Primordial Dragon and new Titans) or have you got something else planned?