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Thread: item removal

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    item removal

    The following event items that didn't already have them have now had a disclaimer added that they won't last long. All of these items are planned to be removed with the next update so use them or lose them:
    Xinzaya's Token 2017
    Pirifario's Token 2017
    Formigon's Token 2017
    Mitaura's Token 2017
    Attepali's Token 2017
    Dirami's Token 2017
    Cygnus's Token 2018
    Tyssaldria's Token 2018
    Citaria's Token 2018
    Rilassi's Token 2018
    Hathath's Token 2018
    Zehira's Token 2018
    Xinzaya's Token 2018
    Pirifario's Token 2018
    Formigon's Token 2018
    Mitaura's Token 2018
    Attepali's Token 2018
    Dirami's Token 2018
    Pinata Coin
    Tentacle Slice
    Subzero Snowflake
    Crystallized Sun Spark
    Shadowy Seal 2018
    Diggsly's Token
    Lucky Dust
    Shadowy Schematic
    These snowflakes are used in the snowfest bench in the hub for multiple items, if candy corn isn't on here why do these flakes have to go?
    please don't mention how candy corn is purposely distributed stale

    If you're gonna provide new recipes for the vfx blocks, dragon egg, and mounts please let us know.

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    Wasn't there a shop item each time tokens came out for their month. So people that might have spent money then logged out on a while brake might come back to having 0 tokens lul.
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    Good point.
    Also add:
    -Crystallized Sun Spark used for ally
    -Shadowy Schematics used for Mysterious portal
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