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Thread: Best idea for adding PvP in Uber worlds

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    Lightbulb Best idea for adding PvP in Uber worlds

    Since Trove has a huge compendium of Trovian lore it would be logical that all of Trove Uber worlds have a PvP (PlayerVsPlayer) setting. Here are the ideas so far:

    1- Safe Zones

    Pros: Players in Club worlds with PvP off toggle command, Tutorial, HUB, Outpost of light, cornerstones, Peaceful Hills, Shadow Towers, Dungeons, Geode HUB/caves, Mini games and NPC outposts/Vendors are safe and can fight when they leave the safety of them.

    2 - PvP Zones

    Pros: Instead, areas of the game where PvP is possible starts from Prime Worlds, Elemental Worlds, Cursed Skylands, Igneous Islands, Shadow realm and Geode Topside.

    3 - PvP Toggle

    Pros: This allows players to turn on PvP mode in settings where only other PvP enabled players can fight each other outside of Safe Zones. If you are hit, you cant turn off PvP mode until a certain time to prevent people escaping death. Cons: Ambushing is limited, because only the people who are ready to fight will have it enabled.

    4 - Time Specific/Days/Quests

    Pros: PvP is disabled during Rampages, invader enemies (Giants) and World Bosses as well as days of celebrations/holidays and during a players quest line is active.

    5 - Two PvP Gear sets: Factions

    Explanation of why two gear sets: Going off the compendium of Trovian lore, the Sun Goddess had dreams and nightmares hints two PvP sets. Pros: Players will decide witch faction to fight for the Sun Goddess of Light or fight for The Shadow led by Q'bthlulu.

    (1) To make this PvP gear easy to flow with PvE gear in Trove, the only way it will differs from PvE gear is in it's faction name perks against apposing faction and 4 counter PvP talents form other classes. Example A Draco class would like talent buffs against ranged attacks and a talent buff for Gunslinger gear would be for melee attacks. PvE and PvP, have essentially the same kind of stats on them (your spec's primary stat but, with 4 combinations of secondary PvP talents for PvP).

    (2) There could be several ways of obtaining PvP gear, but they can be divided in two categories: directly through completing PvP lore quest content and indirectly, through faction Points (which are also awarded for doing PvP content, as explained below).

    (3) Through PvP Content

    At the end of each quest or PvP match, there is a chance to receive a piece of gear. The item level of this item is based on your PvP Rating.
    After you win a rated quest line of the day, you will get a piece of gear for your class style and faction.

    (4) Faction PvP points

    Aside from the items you will sometimes receive at the end of your daily PvP quest matches or one v one vs real ranked player matches, you can also receive items through the Faction Point system.

    Essentially, you earn Faction Points by doing various forms of PvP. When queuing for ranked PvP, what the Faction Point reward is. That said, you only receive Faction Points if you win, and for non-rated content, you will only receive Faction Points on the first win of the day. Rated PvP content will continue to reward Faction Points with each win. There is another, less common means of obtaining some Faction Points, explained below.

    There could be a weekly Faction Point cap (of 500 points), visible on a new PvP tab. Once you reach the weekly cap, you will receive an item as a reward (you can preview the item you will receive on the PvP tab). The item can be given by the Sun Goddess for Light and Q'bthlulu for Dark Factions, and when turning in the quest and obtaining the item, you will usually be offered a choice of several similar items for the same slot, and for weapons this also offers different options for each specialization
    To make end game players really get hooked lets say if you fail to reach the Faction Point cap for the week, the item you missed out on will roll over into the next week, so that on the second week, you can effectively reach the 500 of Faction Point cap twice and thus obtain both items. This means of carrying over is unlimited, so that you can easily catch up and recover all the items you missed out on, just by farming enough Faction Points. This also means that you should not really feel pressured to reach the Faction Point cap every single week.

    Aside from this gear you receive for reach your weekly Faction Point cap, you also receive another item for reaching the Faction Point cap. This item, however, is not rewarded immediately, and instead you receive it at the end of the week from a PvP war Chest that is located next to the above-mentioned NPCs. Note that unlike the items rewarded immediately for capping your Faction Points, unobtained items from the PvP War Chest do not carry over into the next week. If you failed to cap your Faction Points for a given week, the item from the PvP War Chest for that week is for ever lost. That's my way of keeping the "try hard" players active.

    (5) PvP Gear Scaling

    All PvP gear you receive (from completing PvP ranked matches or quests, from the weekly Faction Point Cap, and from the PvP Faction Chest) has an item level based on your PvP Ranked bracket. For the gear obtained at the end of a match, the bracket the match was played in is the one that counts, while for the other two sources, the highest bracket in which you won a game that week is the one that counts). Below, I list the brackets and the skill ratings they cover, as well as how the gear scales based on where it was obtained from and what your bracket is.

    Bracket Name Skill Rating End of Match Faction Cap PvP Faction Chest
    Unranked 0-1399 340 355 355
    Combatant 1400-1599 350 365 355
    Challenger 1600-1799 360 370 370
    Rival 1800-2099 365 375 370
    Duelist 2100-2399 370 380 385
    Gladiator 2400+ 375 385 385

    (6) PvP Talents & PvP Faction Mode

    On your talent tab, you have the possibility to select 4 PvP talents out of a pool of many. PvP talents will typically only be available in PvP content but PvP Faction Mode enabled (explained below) allows you to also benefit from them in the open PvP Uber worlds.

    The PvP talents you can choose are broken down into two categories.

    1 banner talent, out of 3 possible choices;
    3 PvP talents, out of a pool of about a dozen possible choices.

    (7) Bonuses of PvP Faction Mode
    Enabling Faction Mode provides the following perks.

    The ability to use all PvP talents in the Uber worlds. You do not need to be in PvP combat to use them.
    * You can earn Faction Points.
    * You gain +X% experience while leveling.
    * There are PvP achievements badges you can earn.
    * At maximum level, you get a +X% World PvP Quest reward bonus.

    (8) Faction Mode Bounties

    If you kill too many PvP players in a single Uber world, there will be a bounty put on you. Everyone in that Uber world will know your exact location. You can see the location of players with a bounty by checking your map. Killing players with a bounty on them rewards Faction Points and is part of an achievement badge. Bounty Hunting can be part of a meta achievement that rewards the player with a name title and color change in chats.

    (9) Faction Air Drop

    To get PvP players into faction rivalry we could have a flying Dragon that make its way across the sky. The rumble of its wings would help players know it's coming near them. You'll want to keep an eagle eye on the sky and watch for a Faction Supply Crate to drop somewhere in the Uber world. Players can PvP fight over the crate and claim it for their faction. Once a faction has gained control of the crate, anyone of that faction who is within the area will have a short period to open it and collect a piece of personal loot.
    As long as you have Faction Mode on, an air supply drop will only be dropped every 20 minutes if one of each faction is in the world to PvP for it. Once it has landed, it will stay on the ground for 20 minutes as it resets. The crate will contain PvP loot and Faction Points.

    P.S. A lot of this info is not original from me as PvP has been around for so long it's already set in stone on how it will work. I just simply took ideas from many places and made it fit to Troves gameplay. If my PvP post shows traffic and the Dev team see a demand for it...just maybe this kind of PvP could put Trove on the map as one of the best F2P MMO's.
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    First of all I will say that it sounds like a well thought out way to implement PVP. With that being said... Please god, NO! I played Trove for the casualness and PVE aspects of the game. This sounds like you want a full re-write of the basic game to be able to include PVP in it. (Good luck with getting that done "Soon")

    You forgot about Biome challenges when you mentioned PVP not being active during timed events.
    #4 sounds too complicated to understand when PVP would be on/off. Does this mean during a 2 week event, no open world PVP?

    In summary. Please no. -1 from me.
    A simpler request would be for them to bring back the old unbalanced PVP.

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    100% of players would agree on bringing back the old unbalanced PvP for sure. In regards to your "Please god, NO!" loved that reply lolol much respect and I truly understand that this game is rich in the casualness style of gameplay. It's fitting for a F2P MMO game but since this game has had a change of ownership followed with a great deal of end game players and Twitch streamers having a forever growing loss of interest to continue playing, I feel a major PvP introduction to the Uber worlds is a much needed solution to keep this game relevant as every TOP game right now provides a strong PvP option for players. Open world PvP in Trove will bring back old players witch where pay to win players witch where YouTube content creators witch where also Twitch streamers that provided Trove gameplay information to the casual player. What I'm getting at is this "casualness gameplay style" may not pay the bills for a F2P gaming company but, possibly Open world PvP could generate a casual player into a competitive player hints one that is willing to spend $$. And thank you for finding some issues in my list of ideas and for your sack lets hope they stay that way...once again thank you.
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    old PvP was so broken... IS and CB alone break pvp plus plus..
    BR was well done and I like it as a stand alone break from the normal game play.

    I did not read all your idea above but I'm guessing you layout a plan to pvp.
    Trove is to broken of a game to have open world pvp.

    I'd like to see club vs club BR with weekly leaderboards..

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    I'm sorry, but I do not agree with your assessment. I dont feel that PVP will bring back the number of players that you are implying that it will. Keep in mind that a lot of the early Streamers and contributers were there for the club world building long before they expanded on the PVE portions of trove, or added PVP.

    If you look at the top MMO games that are not first person shooters, you will see that they do not have open world PVP, but that their PVP is more organized into battles/maps with set objectives. The few MMO's that I know of that had open world PVP, those servers were a minority when compared to the PVE servers, and the first ones to have the population drops and consolidations after the initial release newness was over. They were ghost town while the PVE servers still had viable populations.

    Looking at it from a coding perspective, I see this as adding additional lag to the game as there will be additional calculations that will need to be made.
    Example: 4 players that are in a dungeon attacking a boss. 2 are PVP, and 2 are not. The game would need to calculate what portion of damage that the 2 PVP players would take and what the NPC would take from all 4. I'm sure its more complicated than what I described as it would have to check when an attack was made by a player to see who was in range of the attack, are they PVP or not, Was the attack targetted at a player or an NPC....

    I can understand why most MMO's went with a PVP or PVE and not a switch to opt out. It makes for simpler coding.

    Good luck with this request. Personally I do not see the return on investment that a rewrite of the basic game code would take to implement something like this. Especially with the "more nimble" dev team that is left of the original dev teams.

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    There are a couple reasons that they ditched the old pvp for all good.

    1) The game was not designed for PvP at all, If a core design is not for PvP, then either devs have to redesign the core of the game or we would have the not-so-fun and halfhearted "PvP" modules that are going nowhere, which was the dead old PvP and the new Bomber Royale.

    2) There is simply not enough man power for devs to redesign the core of the game to fit PvP, let alone balancing classes. In every single MMO that have PvP, it is a constant struggle between PvE and PvP (nerf/buff/Favor of the Patch). There are 16 classes in this game and to balance all of them, again, required alot of man power to balance them, which is implausible at the current state of the dev team.

    3) Majority of this game is casual PvE folks, PvPers while loud are just a very small community. Even when the old PvP was still at the Hub, there were hardly anyone played it except during events when people were forced to do so. Honestly, to spend time and resource to appease a small fraction of the game community is just wasteful.

    So unless Gamingo decides to spend a lot money to steer the wheel of the game direction for PvPers market, I would prefer the old PvP stay dead.

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    Thorvik, /Bow what an honor it is to read your replies. You fully understand my perspective and give me your opinions with the utmost respect in criticism. Thank you for the well wishes
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    I have a simple fix to all this frustration we are seeing in this post, and I will share that with all of you at the end Kappa (skip to end = Spoilers) . As far as this idea goes, I for one believe its intriguing and a well thought out suggestion. PvP has always been something in trove that has been lacking and players (including myself) have always wanted to use the Gems and gear at their disposal. With all of this said, balance would be a difficult thing to find between classes, but its not impossible. Also, just like with all PvP games, im sure there would be one overly dominant class over another. This can go back to the armor skills idea. Having a set of armor based around skills that (Reduce, Reflect, Absorb or maybe Ignite) would definitely help balance OP Offensive skills. This also brings back the idea of making tank classes. Something Trove Now has no need for. I for one appreciate this idea looking towards the future of Trove. This could possibly be game changing, we dont know.

    Going back to my initial statement. We have 3 servers correct? PTS, NA, and EU. Seems like a simple fix to me to just make 3 more servers that are PvP versions of what we have now. That way, you can choose to play in the casual PvE based server or play in the PvP included server.

    Maybe the servers can be named as so:

    Casual PTS or Dangerous PTS
    Casual NA or Dangerous NA
    Casual EU or Dangerous EU
    I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for flux, I can tell you I don't do hand outs. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that can solo Ultra Daughter of the Moon and make me a nightmare for someone like you.

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    Ibita, Thank you. from the moment I wanted to post this topic I knew thr was going to be much disapproval but I didn't know your replies would be with much honesty and great rebuttal of PvP in Trove. I am concerned that Gamingo's Trove Dev team isn't as open to the community as the last team but, am I fooling myself...? Did the old Dev team really tell us anything truthful on LIVE streamed events with the wants and needs of the community? If Gamingo sees this post it would be nice to get a real reaction to the open world PvP situation. It's just hard for me to see some of the 1# most played games thrive on PvP but, not the game I love to play. In all honesty I posted this to find a way for Trove to have a somewhat skill base play style. Make it a game that could be more then just P2W but truly competitive.
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    LOL "Spoilers" love it! I didn't want to mention muti servers only because I was afraid it would change the subject at hand to "lag issues". The Reduce, Reflect, Absorb or maybe Ignite is a great example of what I was intending to represent my (6) PvP Talents & PvP Faction Mode. I was so intrigued that you mentioned Tank Classes...yes if open world PvP was possible and done right the we would FINALLY have real class roles referring to the "job" of a class in a group setting. The basic roles are tank, healer, and damage dealer (DPS), but each of these roles includes sub-roles, and classes can also have support roles. This is useful for PvP as it brings in "SKILL" something that Trove lacks in.
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