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Additional Updates
  • Changed the shape of watering cans so they water a 3x3 area in front of the player instead of around the player.
  • Allies can now be collected from ally homes by non-club-members.
  • Adjusted the moonlight bulb and mushroom spawn rates in Trove caves.
  • Added the Cosmic Gem Duster Seed to Superior Compost Heaps.
  • Drop tables for all three tiers of compost heaps have been adjusted. It should be a bit easier to get Cookie Musk now, and much more difficult to get recipes for alchemy plants
  • There is now a decorative version of the Cosmic Gem Duster craftable from the Harvesting Station.
  • The Everlasting Watering Can now waters twice as fast.
  • The Decorative Golden Pitcher Plant can no longer be composted.
  • Decorative Golden Pitcher plant now contains "Decorative" in its name.
  • Updated the description of the Golden Watering Can so that it is explicitly called out that it can add water to plants which have already been watered.
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