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Thread: Getting 3 diamond dragon eggs out of 5 empowered gem boxes!??

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    Question Getting 3 diamond dragon eggs out of 5 empowered gem boxes!??

    Somehow I got 3 diamond dragon eggs by opening 5 empowered gem boxes. Before this I only unboxed 1 diamond dragon egg but with the ones I unboxed today it makes a total of 4 diamond dragon eggs. It's just insanely lucky.

    Here is a screenshot taken by my friend which shows that all the eggs were unboxed the same time.

    And here is a screenshot which shows the eggs in my inventory.

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    I don’t know why you posted this on the forums but gg. I have 3051 hours played (at the time of me writing this) and I’ve only unboxed 2 ddes. First one I got was in May 2017 second one I got was in October 2018. Not that I need them but still I would like to get them lol.

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    Nice RNG, so far highest luck seen been 2 post about getting ganda after 1-2 boxes. This probably the highest pull rate on eggs, but anyone else that's around on good egg luck here?
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