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Thread: Revenant hotfix

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    Revenant hotfix

    Hi again. This has been bothering me for a little bit.
    As we know, Revenant has a passive that instantly revives him to 50% Hp and spawns a little demon thing to tank aggro. With this I think there is a that would be nice.

    1. Change the creature's damage to physical. As of now, the damage the spawned creature deals magic damage, which Revenant had (back when his 1 skill did damage based off HP) and has no use for. This will a small buff to Revenant and make his passive creature not useless aside from tanking a hit or two (which after Rev hits with M2 will taunt enemies back to him shortly afterward anyway).

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    Well this is odd...

    I don't know where you're getting the Magic Damage from as of right now but it certainly doesn't seem that the Spirit Wraith is based on Magic Damage. As someone with a decent PR of 26K, (granted my coefficient is garbage, only a measly 2M), my Revenant is still doing more than enough damage to handle Uber-10 like a breeze. The Spirit Wraith is also doing well enough on its own dealing 500K minimum on a basic swipe attack and 1.8M on a slam attack (Both of these are also AoE attacks).

    Seeing how my magic damage is only a rough 3K, following you're reasoning makes it sound like a bit of hubris on my end.

    As for the "Usefulness" of the Spirit Wraith, that minion is there and only there to draw threat. This gives YOU enough time to recover and get back in the fight without playing the risky card. Of course that way to play basically becomes pointless if your Revenant is powerful enough to tank just about anything that comes his way. In fact, by the time you reach late-game around 30K PR roughly speaking, if you built your Revenant Properly you should hardly ever if at all need a Spirit Wraith to help you. It's really only there to provide minor support in the worst case. Given the addition of items such as Vampirian Vanquisher, Valorous Vials, Martial & Surestrike Emblems... Well you can see how even getting the Spirit Wraith to actually proc would be difficult in the first place.

    To my knowledge only one hit kill enemies can take out the Revenant and even then the only two that I know of that will hit through the Spirit Wraith and actually kill you are Darknik Dreadnought with its World Ender Nuke and Daughter of the Moon with her Backslash attack. Even in these two scenarios however, the attacks are telegraphed quite blatantly and are easy to avoid if you're paying attention.

    If anything Revenant needs to be nerfed along with other insane powerhouse classes such as Gunslinger which are completely broken right now. The whole Max HP to PD change was precisely for that reason in the first place. To nerf Revenant, not like it even worked the way the Devs hoped it would. The class is still insanely powerful. All the while a bunch of other classes are in need of a buff real bad.
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    Actually, this would be a serious issue if it was true. And it is definitelly worth to be tested. Since PTS is up, I will do that right away with my Rev there.

    Testing conditions:
    I removed all EMP Gems to remove unnecessary Numbers. All Gems and epquipment will remain unchanged for the whole testing. The change will only come by changing subclasses. Tests have been done in U9 Prime World. What I record are the critical swipe hits and the critical smash hits of the demon creature, that gets spawned by your passive.

    Side note: all sub classes are level 30. All numbers have been taken without any passive abilities of sub classes beeing triggered.

    1. setup: Vanguardian subclass
    Specifics: No bonus to MD or PD or Health at all.
    Swipe crit: 321,717 Damage
    Smash Crit: 1,179,631

    2. setup: Dracolyte subclass
    Specifics: +750 constant MD
    Swipe Crit: 321,717
    Smash Crit: 1,179,631

    3. setup: Luna Lancer subclass
    Specifics: +750 constant PD
    Swipe Crit: 328,280
    Smash Crit: 1,203,695

    4. setupd: Chloromancer
    Specifics: +60% constant Max Health bonus
    Swipe Crit: 321,717
    Smash Crit: 1,179,631

    The neutral Vanguardian subclass causes your little Revenant demon to deal the exact same damage as using the MD buffing Dracolyte subclass.

    This does also equal the damage that your little helper deals when you are using the Max Health increasing Chloromancer subclass.

    The only change in your helper's damage does happen while using the Luna Lancer subclass, which adds Physical Damage. Using this subclass causes your helper to deal more damage.

    -The damage of your demon helper is not affected by Magical Damage at all.
    -The damage of your demon helper is not affected by your Max Health at all.
    -Physical Damage DOES increase the damage of your little helper

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    I guess he just missunderstood that the purple numbers when you don't crit are not Magical Damage but Minion related damage, that every class minions scale according to his damage type.
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