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Thread: Club affiliation reset

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    Club affiliation reset

    For some odd reason, when I was trying to recruit people to my club, it unassigned my primary club, which is the one I founded. While trying to set it back to primary, it said "invalid club" and then automatically assigned another club as my primary without my permission, and now won't let me change it for another 24 hours. This wouldn't have been as big a deal if I weren't a club president, trying to help my own club grow. Now I'm being forced to promote another club.

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    This has been an old bug. However I never meet the "automatic" assignation you're talking about. All happened is just unable to assign my original Primary Club due to random empty Primary Club glitch, and then show "You need to wait 24 hours".
    All I did is just simply wait few minutes, afterwards I can assign my original Primary Club back.

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