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Thread: Help trove out of range error

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    Help trove out of range error

    when i change trove.cfg and launch the game trove.cfg resetting

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    It seems that you are trying to edit the "original" config file of trove's directory.
    The game itself will not use the parameters in it.
    This file is only used to be copied to the "caches" files. (the ones that are in %appdata%/trove).

    Game will use the "caches" one which are some copies.

    Many software are using the "caches" directory to store some infos. And there is an "Hidden" folder called : Appdata

    So, dont go to the trove game directory but in : %appdata%/trove

    here is a few steps to go in it with windows OS :

    1: open the Run command explorer:
    - press [ ⊞ Win ] + [ R ]

    2: Past %Appdata%\Trove and click on the OK button:

    3: An explorer has been opened:
    - Search now the Trove.cfg file in it

    Then, you will be able to edit and save the parameters that you are trying to change.


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