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Thread: Console future?

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    Unhappy Console future?

    I feel that console has been forgotten, of-course I know this isn't true we haven't received a content update since February. PC PTS already has Gardening 2.0 we don't even have Bomber Royal 2.0. I heard that they will be released together, although it would be nice I don't think it would be a good idea. We want at least a month to take in and finish an update but we have waiting so long I don't even think we will get one. Hopefully a dev can see this and see our suffering and boredism(if thats a word)

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    +1 as a ps4 player seeing and hearing all about these cool updates and then told i cant do it....or we dont offer it to ps4...xbox aswell....just lookin for a lil console love

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    Quote Originally Posted by gedc View Post
    Bomber Royal season 2 is being worked on right now by the dev team for consoles and we would like to release it in the next few months.

    This was on April 30th.
    So between the release of PC BR Season 2 and now has been 54 days.

    The time between U10 on PC and to consoles was 50 days.

    So there maybe thinking get Gardening 2.0 out on PC then have a BR Season 2 AND Gardening 2.0 for consoles.

    But as of right now we don't know if there is anything.
    All we know is that we get an update gives us new events.

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