1. Some kind of credit reward implemented into the leaderboards. Something small like 50 credits for top 50. Then maybe 25 for 51-250.
2.tomb raiser rework. Some ideas i have had was maybe use the passive like the rev has that provides extra damage to the target. The old fae class gem can be renamed/reskinned and have it implemented in some way. Auto attack range to be increased in size/length like the draco received. Make the minions cost health vs waiting to stack souls for ever... Maybe 5% health per minion that way you can actually farm / use all of his skills while playing him/her/thing/entity.
3. Collection challenge leader boards? Resets weekly (possible small credit reward system???). Only reason i suggest this is because i notice my chats are always filled with low power rank players asking for dragons and dragon coins but they never do the hourly.
4. There are a couple of items in trove were you have to go hunt down pieces from crafting benches to make 1 item in the end. So i was kinda thinking about a combat related item (crystal rings) could require items obtained else were in trove to make it. Some items i had in mind that are shadow tower boss trophys, use our current stelar rings,and maybe shaper stars. More of a stellar ring upgrade so if you have a stellar 5 when you upgrade it with whatever you will recieve crystal 5.(bonus stats could be attack speed,light,mount movement speed,cooldowns,3-5% bonus xp earned, enemys killed proc a reward like a tome does,lifesteal)

I have a few more ideas just curious on what other people think or maybe some of their ideas. Please feel free to add a twist on any of my ideas aswell im curious.