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Thread: Idea: Geode Expansion - Geode Ancient Depths

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    Idea: Geode Expansion - Geode Ancient Depths

    Adventure maps that would be generated using the Geode caves generation, but with a shadow realm influenced theme (as well as un-breakable walls, like shadow dungeons -- this is mostly to ensure integrity of "special" rooms). The general idea being that the shadow forces are invading geode, because they've discovered ancient fragments of the Moon Goddess that they're using to create new Daughters of the Moon. Using the geode caves generation would allow the creation of vast underground adventure worlds, which could include special rooms (similar to the vaults and points of interest in the geode cave exploration mode) with special encounters. Enemies could get tougher, and have higher darkness levels the deeper into the caves players venture.

    Special room ideas:
    Note: It would be neat to have a special block type at the "airlock" for these rooms that blocked entrance/exit after the event had been activated, and only became passable once the event was completed or all players were dead.

    Onslaught -- Starts a timed event that spawns several large waves of enemies. Defeat all enemies within the time limit to succeed (should scale number of enemies per wave based on number of players in room when activated).

    Mini-titans -- variants of titans from the shadow tower (Prototype Spike Walker, Weeping Acolyte, Scion of the Pinata God, Hydra Eft, Darknik Juggernaut). These could include something like the prefixes that the world bosses get, for example: Freezing (titan creates a short-range burst of ice that disables movement for nearby players), Venomous (frequently spits acid that creates a short-duration puddle, like the hydra), Grounding (occasionally roots the furthest player briefly and drains all energy), Smoldering (titan's attacks cause a burning DoT effect on players), Umbral (occasionally creates an area of darkness that lasts for a short time and provides a darkness buff to enemies standing in it)

    Daughter of the Moon Ritual -- activating this room would spawn 2 to 8 "Moon Goddess Fragments" around the room based on the number of players in the room. These fragments would periodically spawn enemies while active, and could be deactivated by the "light" stat of nearby players (within 4 blocks) being higher than the darkness stat of the nearby enemies for a period of time (like a point capture event). Once the piece was deactivated, it would stop spawning monsters, but could be reactivated by enemies being near them for long enough (should attract idle enemies while not producing enemies of its own). If all players die before deactivating all the fragments in room or time runs out on the event, should spawn a Daughter of the Moon enemy that persists until defeated. If completed, should spawn a friendly Aspect of the Sun Goddess NPC that could offer special quests for the area (or perhaps provide players a method to upgrade crystal equipment between tiers [maybe even adding a 4th tier that provides no stat bonuses over 3rd tier except for Damage/HP and Light]).

    Avatar of Q'bthulu -- Perhaps if players venture deep enough they could stumble upon an ancient slumbering Avatar of Q'bthulu, seeded to geode unknown aoens ago. Moved encounter ideas to a post below.

    Rewards from events could be things like topside caches, crystalline cores, or a secondary currency (perhaps limited to mini-titans/ritual and/or maximum daily amounts) that could maybe be used for things like empowered gem boxes or lustrous gem boxes.

    Would be neat to keep the population on these maps low, using the max of 16 that's currently in place for Geode caves, or knocking it down to 8 for this area. Enemy darkness levels shoulds start around the same levels as U10 (enemies/chests in this area should also have a chance to drop Crystal 3 gear, like in U10). Venturing deeper into the caverns should uncover enemies with increasing darkness values capping out somewhere above the maximum light value, makinge groups more valueable for deeper excursions.

    Include treasure rooms as potential "special" rooms, and allow for some ambush variants. Treasure rooms would be rooms that would spawn some number of chests that could be broken for free loot for players that happen upon them. For the ambush variants of these rooms, chests would instead spawn groups of enemies when broken. (and perhaps breaking one chest would cause them all to break and release all the enemies). Alternatively, the ambush room chests could be a new type of "mimic" enemy (like the winking tentabox ally) that activate if struck by a player.

    When loading into Ancient depths, start at an "outpost" like the exploration mode (maybe limit the routes into the depths to one direction to keep a single "main" path). After every "tier" airlock, have another mini-outpost with NPCs that can provide the following services:

    Pebble Mage (shop) - Exchanges temporary buffs in exchange for Crystal. While multiple tiers of buff are available, only one may be active at a time for each stat available (applying the same buff, or a buff for the same stat will remove the previous buff). These should be directly applied when purchased (not a consumable), and should ONLY provide benefit in Ancient Depths maps:

    Bright I - 150 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +100 light
    Bright II - 300 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +200 light
    Bright III - 600 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +300 light

    Hardy I - 150 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +150% Max HP
    Hardy II - 300 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +300% Max HP
    Hardy III - 600 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +450% Max MP

    Force I - 150 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +50% Critical Damage
    Force II - 300 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +100% Critical Damage
    Force III - 600 Crystal - Provides 1 hour of +150% Critical Damage

    Radiant Blessing - 1800 Crystal - Provides a buff for 1 hour that will protect a player from death and restore the player to full health (buff removed after preventing death once)

    Pebble Tinkerer (shop) - Exchange consumable devices in exchange for Crystal.

    Radiant Torch - 25 Crystal - Throwable, when thrown spawns a radiant torch that provides +50 light to any ally standing within 4 blocks. Max 1 torch deployed per player at a time, does not stack bonus with other torches.

    Grappling Hook - 50 Crystal - Throwable, should function similar to the climbing claw, but a single use per consumable.

    Rumbler - 250 Crystal - Throwable, creates a Rumbler device (a modified Thumper) for 5 seconds that pulses each second pulling in nearby enemies (4 blocks) and stunning them for 0.5 sec.

    Repulsor Barrier - 500 Crystal - Consumable, provides 50% damage reduction for 5 seconds.

    For special items that might be neat to see in this area, rings that have a special proc. These could be something like "Infused Crystal Rings", and the procs could be focused around the light/darkness interactions. Perhaps these rings could be upgradeable using resources found in this area (and maybe topside as well), not increasing in stats, but improving the proc. Some ideas:

    Blinding light - Taking damage causes you to explode in brilliant light, briefly stunning and damaging nearby enemies. Enemies that have darkness higher than your light are stunned for longer, enemies with less darkness than your light take more damage. (20 sec cooldown)

    Dark Appetite - Critical hits against enemies restores some health. If that enemy's darkness is higher than your light, you also gain a stacking light bonus. (1 sec cooldown)

    Sun Seal - Defeating an enemy causes it to explode. If the enemy had higher darkness than your light, nearby allies are also healed. If the enemy had less darkness than your light, also creates an firey area that damages enemies for 6 seconds (15 sec cooldown)

    Luminary - Critical hits against enemies cause a stacking darkness debuff. If that enemy's darkness is less than your light, also grants you a stacking light buff. (3 sec cooldown)

    Rings could start as "Crystal Rings" that provide a level of stats around what Stellar level 5 rings provide, but with a minor amount of light as well (50 - 100). Rings could be upgraded using tokens from the Ancient Depths to add the proc, and the proc could be swapped at the enchanted forge, like auras.

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    Quick update, just because I had some ideas for the Avatar fight:

    Avatar of Q'bthulu

    Phase 1 (100% - 80% HP)

    Avatar frequently spawns normal tentacle enemies (pop up from the ground, non-moving, mostly for area denial until destroyed) which knock players and deal minor damage. Occasionally fires a spray of eyes that function like stronger versions of the weeping prophet's mini-eye minions. Mini-eye minions should leave behind a very short-duration AoE damage area, like the Weeping Prohet's tears, when defeated.

    Phase 2 (80% - 60% HP)

    A large eye emerges from the Avatar. In addition to phase 1 abilities, the avatar also uses this large eye to frequently fire blasts at its aggro target. Occasionally the eye will charge and fire a powerful, slow-moving blast at a random player that leaves an AoE that damages players and heals enemies that stand in it (will not heal avatar, only its spawns).

    Phase 3 (60% - 40% HP)

    Avatar occasionally launches its large eye at a random player in a high arc, exploding where it lands and leaving behind a large puddle of acid for a short duration, while a new large eye emerges from the Avatar to take its place. Avatar retains phase 1 and phase 2 abilities as well.

    Phase 4 (40% - 20% HP)

    The large eye rolls off the Avatar as a separate enemy (elite minion), and the avatar loses its phase 2 and phase 3 abilities, but retains its phase 1 abilities. The elite eye minion functions autonomously until defeated, and has several attacks: commonly fires blasts at its aggro target, commonly "hops" several times dealing damage to players nearby, occasionally resets aggro and rolls at a random player dealing damage to players along the way. Avatar itself gains no new abilities.

    Phase 5 (20% - 0% HP)

    Two large tentacles burst from the ground in random locations, and after a short wind-up, deal lethal damage in an area around them before disappearing back into the ground to pop up in another location. Each tentacle functions as a separate enemy (can be independently defeated), should insta-kill on the wind-up attack (red AoE indicator like DD's nuke would be good here), and deal minor damage and knock-back when emerging from the ground. Avatar retains abilities from phase 1, however its eye spray is used much more frequently.

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    This is the sort of content we need right now for Geode. Honestly with all these ideas, why haven't the Devs looked into them?

    I'm a huge fan of anything PvE related and this seems like it would be right up my alley if done properly. I wouldn't mind further expanding on the idea either. Perhaps create it like a tried and true Dungeon Crawler with multiple floors that transition deeper and deeper into an expanding underground system. You could even throw in things like Light requirements, Power Rank requirements, and a minimum amount of players involved. I feel as if integrating things like puzzles and traps would also further add to the experience. Hell I don't even see why there shouldn't be a Leaderboard System that counts how many dungeons completed, fastest completion time, flawless completions, etc.

    If I may I also would like to see this as just one continuous dungeon with like 15 objectives rather than something like Shadow Tower where portals are involved in-between transitions. You could create a new instance using a portal but invite as many people as you'd like till you hit a cap sort of thing; maybe 6 players? Sort of like how new worlds get generated except private invites only.
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