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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayestic View Post
    So the winner will be an famous Streamer, doesnt matter how good his Cornerstone looks He just need the likes.
    As a president of a club for the last 3 years, kicking 1000s of people.... trying my hardest to protect my identity from people who would do harm... Use your Facebook would be the stupidest thing you could ask me to do.

    Gedc would you post your personal info for us?

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    I know that this screenshot will not count, but this screen of my cornerstone shall ease some salt from those comments.

    Just lets have a showoff of our creativity without actually expecting a reward here

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    Here's my Cornerstone. Carbuncle for the win.
    IGN: VoltRabbit Officer of: Garden of Wool

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    When the results? Its Thursday.... im on 1’st place And i was really trying to win. Whats going on Here? I dont even know what i will win if even the results will appear.

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    Hello? Why are you making contest when you’re not keeping the deadline And keep us in anxious. People keep liking posts And the contest should end in MONDAY 3 days ago...

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    Yaaay! Super fun contest! Thank you so much! I've been playing for a long time & have always tried to win something...nothing until now
    i9 RTX2080. Founder of 2 clubs. Main: 20k+ Knight, VG, Rev. Click HERE for a free class coin (For players with less than 20 mastery).

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    My cs may not be a winner, but I will not use any social media even if you had offered ganda as a prize. (and I highly doubt that would be the prize)

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    Hey there,

    Winners have been announced on the socials' post


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