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    Cornerstone Contest

    Howdy Trovians!

    Your lovely CM is on a reeeeaaally good mood and is giving you the opportunity to embellish your Cornerstone!

    "How to participate?" you ask. EASY PEASY!
    1. Take a screenshot of your magnificent Cornerstone in Trove
    2. Go to our Facebook or Twitter account
    3.1 Share your Cornerstone screenshot as a comment in the Contest Facebook post and/or
    3.2 Reply to the Contest Tweet with your Cornerstone screenshot
    4. Wait for the likes - ask your friends to like it!!!
    5. Enjoy!

    The 2 most liked Cornerstones will be awarded with a prize
    Here's come the twist. We will have 2 winners for Facebook and 2 more for Twitter!
    That's right - a total of 4 winners! Yoohoooo

    Take a look at mine, I'm 100% sure you can do WAY better!

    The event will start today (05/18) and will end on Monday 27th 11:59 pm CEST, so keep your eyes wide open on all of our Social Media channels for a chance to win!

    Rules for a valid entry:
    • only one entry per player
    • you can’t submit the same screenshot for both Twitter and Facebook
    • along with the screenshot, write your in-game name
    • please respect the dates of the event

    Start your engines and may the best builder win!

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    What's the prize ?

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    Stop trying to force us to use social media for events please.
    Make events on the forum or in game.
    IGN: Etherbl || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    How do we enter without social media?

    Make forum and/or in game events please.

    These social media events really suck.
    IGN: VoltRabbit Officer of: Garden of Wool

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    Would it be okay to just post it here?

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    Not sure what dinosaur or left wing grandma gave you this idea.

    Twitter and Facebook? Are they not dead yet, do people really still use facebook at all? Twatter OK to get info from tweecker but to use? I ran social media for 2 different companies and have no idea how to use twatter still..... Don't you just read things people post who are smarter then you?

    I'm here, your here. Why don't we just stay inside and watch a movie tonight.
    Why are you sending people who use YOUR forum to another web page....

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