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Thread: Ideas and Updates

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    Ideas and Updates

    I wanted to talk about some subjects that I think are relevant for everyone. First I will talk about my point of view and then I will talk about what I see the vast majority of people talking about.

    I say this as someone who loves this game, over time it is natural that the old players get a little understood with the game and as it is a game that is very active, it is common for new players, there are always more things for them to try to have inside the game, this is a consequence of the game being active for so long, but unfortunately what makes me upset is to see things that are not really wanted by the players to come to the game. It is logical that I am not saying that every update should be done according to the desire of the community, but I believe that some things need a priority and there are updates of 2 or more years that have never been devolved to its maximum. A gardening upgrade is actually something very good, but looking at another perspective, I think there really are some things that need a higher priority. I recently had the update that brought the U10 Geode Topside, and that was amazing, they brought with this update, many old players back, but I believe that when bringing such an update as this, it would be necessary to prioritize the next updates on things that would be affected by the former. Around 2 years ago you have brought a new difficulty to the shadow tower, but with the release of the u10 Geode Topside, this "ultra" difficulty is completely out of phase, the "hardest" boss of the game is being done in a very low time , there are no longer any really exciting challenges for the game, and believe me when I say that from that point it is no longer just my opinion, but rather of several people, we feel lack of difficulty, something that brings an emotion to the game as was the upgrade of U10 Geode Topside, Class gems, new bosses among others. There's been more than 1 since they brought the Vanguardian. We give immense value to the work of you in always trying to innovate and bring something that animates the players, but sometimes some updates are not the best choice for the moment, and bringing a gardening update to a community lacking something exciting does not seem be exactly the best choice.

    Mantle of Power was a gigantic update and it basically changed the whole game since it was released, and despite everything that happened, it was still one of the best upgrades this game ever had, I dare say it was the best . why do not you invest in this update again bringing news as new class gems or take advantage of what already exists of this update to use it to the maximum? It's been 3 years since you brought this update, is not it time to bring her back to the players? We know how difficult and difficult it is to bring something so great to the community, but after so long, why not improve this update and exploit it to its fullest? New difficulty bosses, new class gems, new classes or even a new shadow tower style! There are so many possibilities that could be worked on over such a good upgrade. I say this heartily as someone who loves this game, and I believe I'm not just talking about myself, but for many, this game has incredible potential and we who love this game expect this potential to be developed more and more.

    That was a sincere opinion of a player, I hope the message has reached voices. Thank you guys for the incredible game that is Trove, and I'm sorry if I said something unnecessary. Thank you for your time and have a good day!

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    Old Trove

    The old time when there is something too do like farm for some real think and not for farm flux and buy something in market ..
    The old time when you xp too lvl up your classe go uncap Trove class lvl at 100
    The old time when challange is important too farm dragon
    The old time when we got an weekly Trove stream with dev team with fun info and giveaway
    The old time when we got hard questline and was fun too do with realy good reward
    Long time ago Trove was really good game now it's ok game for old trove player it's just st on monday and.. wait for new good update
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