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Thread: President and his bomb permision

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    President and his bomb permision

    I can't test on PTS so I am throwing this out their. I know we all have done it before, accidentally blowing a hole in our clubs. The request to allow presidents to toggle their own bomb damage in clubs sounds like it is needed even more with this new update.

    The current system in place allows for accidental bombs from presidents to blow holes in their clubs with zones that are not set to no building. We have to have zones open for presidents to plant and if we forget to rezone back to no building opens the door for problems. I hate to have the unfortunate accident of throwing a bomb or even worse a big bomb and destroy not only my club but all the plants that have been planted, watered, and are ready to harvest with the new gardening grind.

    Please oh please give presidents the option to toggle their own bomb damage on and off in club worlds.

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    +1 I'd like for this to be a thing too, but as a workaround for the time being you can also use (per ZONE, so can be a pain in larger club worlds):

    /club setzonedamageable 0

    That turns off damage from both bombs and abilities that damage terrain.

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    Thank you for that command. I only knew of the one for your cornerstone.

    Another solution I guess would be to just garden on your cornerstone with bomb damage turned off.

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    +1 I hate rebuilding blocks I bomb

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