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    5 Star Dungeon Rewards

    I know this is not related to the Gardening 2.0 update, but would it be possible to maybe revisit the rewards given by completing 5 star dungeons in Geode Topside? I think it would be nice if we could earn more than one Lesser Geodian Topside Cache per 5 star dungeon. The Gold time and Silver time rewards become pointless after you've completed your dailies. Would it be possible to make it to where you can earn 3 caches if you complete a 5 star in Gold time and 2 caches if completed in Silver time? A lot of people have complained about how tedious the style stashes are, so this could be a slight fix to that issue. I really don't mind if they get a reduction in cores for their recipe. This could also help in upgrading Crystal tier gear. I just think that 5 stars should be more rewarding if someone spends hours farming them. 1 box per completion is very lackluster. If Gold and Silver time rewards were implemented in a way other than daily rewards, then I think the grind would feel more worthwhile. Thank you for your time, and hopefully, this idea doesn't get overlooked.

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    Hey El_Scruberino,

    Thanks for your feedback, I'm taking notes and will forward it to the team.

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    +1 for this idea. Being able to continue getting something extra for gold and silver rewards promotes people to try and complete 5-star dungeons faster. Many people group up to do this, and as it is currently there is no reason to continue grouping with people after you your first three that day. Currently, this is no longer needed in Ultra Shadow Towers, and the hourly dungeon challenge has even become a race to dungeons before other complete them instead of people working together to get it done. This game needs more things that require people to actually help each other.

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    At the very least, I'd like to see 1 gold and 2 silver daily awards possible on a per-world basis in geode topside, so that if you were able to handle all three (U8, U9, and U10), you could get a total of 3 gold and 6 silver daily awards for 5* completions. The idea El Scruberino suggested would be even better, as it would mean a better income of crystalline cores, which are needed in some pretty ludicrous amounts for C3 upgrades as well as a lot of the high-end Cystallogy crafts (including style stashes at 50[!!!] per craft).

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