Additional Updates
  • Mechanized Hydration Tractor and Botanic Floralfin can both now water more plants at once. Horticultural Harvester also harvests faster and destroys withered plants.
  • Bobble Pods are no longer influenced by chloromancer costumes.
  • All alchemy plant recipes have been locked again to fix an issue. Some bobble pods will be given away to help restore access to these.
  • Ally Homes are now called Ally Habitats everywhere.
  • Watering Cans have been updated to use bubble vfx.
  • The Elysian Cistern now deconstructs in to chaos cores.
  • Pinata Coins will be removed at the end of sunfest 2019, Candy Corn will be removed at the end of Shadow's Eve, Darknik Gears will be removed in the patch post gardening.