I'm curious as to the future of trove, more so the plans ahead for the 2019 year. We don't have live streams anymore, the youtube channel for past broadcasts isn't updated, and we all know now that PC is one update ahead of console. Especially with the PTS recently turned on as well for Gardening 2.0, I want to know if Trove will be a continued vestment of my time as the next 6 months elapse.

I absolutely love this game and have played since day 1 PS4 beta. With the slow content rolling out combined with the lack of communication, it feels like the game is sleeping and in turn that has pushed many players out of playing it. I bought a 3 month patron pass about a month ago and this post is with the intention of me deciding if it's worth it to put in another 3 or to opt out and move on from a game that the developers may feel has run its course.