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Thread: Elysian Cistern clogging inventory

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    Elysian Cistern clogging inventory

    A around 2 weeks ago I opened a Golden Chaos Chest and acquired the Elysian Cistern Mount. Go me.

    Two days later I got lucky with a normal chaos chest and got another one.

    The problem is that the mount is listed as untradable, so I can't even give it away, and its unable to be looted (doesn't show up as an option on loot collector). Right now, its just a -1 to my inventory/chest capacity, and its really annoying.

    I don't think someone should receive duplicate untradable mounts.

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    Every Trovains are meant to obtain duplicate of a Chaos Chest Collectible. It's just that it is bugged. All we can do is wait, seriously.

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    From my understanding, this should loot for either 4 or 6 chaos cores just like other Chaos chest rares. Sounds like a bug.

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    Someone from the bug report forum posted this - True or not I have no clue - 1 spot isn't really clogging you could always destroy it
    "Yeah i reported it and answer basically was: "that it is indeed not designed to be loot collected or sold on the Marketplace. Any extras therefore sadly can only be kept or destroyed."
    Doesnt make any sense for me but that's what they said. I wonder if the new ally can be looted."

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    in the 5/16/2020 patch notes for pts this bug is being addressed.

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    The mount can be looted on pts, so we just need to wait I guess

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