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Thread: Crystal level 3 gear feedback

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    Crystal level 3 gear feedback

    I think Crystal 3 gear is quite well done, however, it could use some adjustment.

    The drop rate feels just about right for the highest level of gear in the game. It's really low and therefore it seems valuable yet it's not so low that it's irritating.

    The upgrade costs are also quite well balanced. It takes a substantial effort and it's very much worth it.

    Some players want the drop rate increased and I see where that comes from but I don't think that's the answer. The drop rate is just where it should be. There is an RNG lair on top of the initial drop which I think should be removed, that being the 3rd stat which can not be rerolled.

    In the past the unchangeable variable stat on gear has never been much of a burden, even before 2nd(3rd) stat reroll events became a thing. You could always just buy a piece with the stat you want. Now that we have gear which can only be acquired via RNG it's different. No one wants to spend hours grinding to finally get the drop only to see that it's completely unusable because it has a 3rd stat of HR.

    Conclusion: The new gear is well done. With the boosted stats following PTS feedback I think it's very well balanced. Make 2nd/3rd stat reroll a constant. It shouldn't be an event anymore now that RNG is a heavier factor in gear.

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    Might want to adjust the cost of upgrading crystal level 3 gears though, it's extremely expensive, even for farmers they're quite a time.
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    I think the new equipment is perfect in all aspects.
    Parameters, price, rarity. Everything is really cool.
    About the replacement of 2/3 of the parameter, I do not know why it is needed
    There are events in the game to change the parameters, wait for it, and change

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    Personally, I just think the drop rate of C3 should be a little bit higher, for everything else I am fine. The upgrade takes a while but its not that much, if you are accustomed to "hardcore" farm, it's not big deal.
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    sorry but drop rate is not fine, 3+ hours of farming U10 with MF well over 6000 and I got 1 level 2 gear, no level 3 gear whatsoever.
    Yesterday 2.5 hours farming and 1 level 3 face (with HR no less), that is all I am getting.
    This is really killing me, just quit playing for today while I was planning on going on for a few more hours but not without even a single level 3 drop, done for the day and not many more to go if this does not improve.

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    I would like to see Crystal 3 being tradeable. Due how RNG works it will be easy/hard to find a specific piece of gear. Players with extra Lv3 gear will be able to sell it and get more flux than from selling only forge fragments. /join trade would be revived a litfle, stellar gear is still buyable/sellable, but not like before.

    Lv3 gear require a Class Level 20, if devs could also add a 15k PR requirement to it, then most obvious boosting by buying gear will be lowered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tismij View Post
    sorry but drop rate is not fine, 3+ hours of farming U10 with MF well over 6000 and I got 1 level 2 gear, no level 3 gear whatsoever.
    Yesterday 2.5 hours farming and 1 level 3 face (with HR no less), that is all I am getting.
    You farmed maybe 7 hours.. they're making this gear end game so you gotta grind an work for it. Farm for other reason like getting the mats TO upgrade said gear, start to get new lessers gems for all your classes, don't try to rush through this update an say you had nothing to do.

    Dont just aim for one part an get angry at it bcuz next you're going to complain about the cost an blah blah. Let this be hard an not easy! TROVE IS A GRINDING GAME!

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    I agree with Surge. Drop rate is balanced, but critical damage should be a bit higher like 45/49
    Upgrading is a bit pain I would like gamingo to make it less expensive
    and last conclusion is crystalline core but we should talk about it in another thread

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    RNG is trash, not fairy.

    I couldn't get a dde for a year and a half, someone else gets 2 in the same day.
    I can't farm because of lag

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    Not enjoying the fact that light takes existing stat slot. Hardly feels like a progression. should of been 5th stat.

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