So I recently acquired Palashien (blue primordial dragon) and I really like theme and the water-filling craters that its breath leaves. However, I've noticed that when the breath hits the side of a block, the blocks directly hit by the explosion are not destroyed, but the ones surrounding it are. I know this isn't a huge deal but I think giving it some consistency would help, especially when using the breath for hitting dungeon rooms on the side. When I hit the side of a dungeon room, 4 blocks still stay intact while the surrounding ones will break and be replaced with water.

On top of this, when the breath destroys ore blocks, for some reason I don't collect them. No other dragon mount has this issue.

In addition, I think to add some actual utility to Palashien's breath would be nice, like maybe adding an interaction where the water that spawns neutralizes lava blocks. Scintilla (air) gives a move speed buff and Za'Hadeen (fire) has faster shooting. These two have utility that a player can benefit from. Palashien just kinda gimmicks around.

All this not totally necessary, but it'd be cool as a subtle change.