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    Disabled New Chaos Loot

    From the dozens of rares I got from chaos chests, I have been unable to get the new chaos loot for each week. This started happening since the Bomber Royale Season 2 update. From the patch notes: "Rare but not THAT rare" items that come from the Chaos Chest no longer generate congratulatory broadcast messages. This change helps to conceal the evidence from my club members that the new chaos loot was disabled or greatly reduced in drop rate for me. I will start recording my chaos rare drops for proof. I already tried opening the chests in the hub to see if that would change anything. How will you compensate me for this? In any case, I will make it clear to everyone what is happening by recording the drops on video so you should fix it before that happens.
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    oh thought it was just me.
    2 items ago I opened 600 cc 7 gcc then made it..
    1 item ago went through 300 cc 3 gcc then got it.
    today 200 cc 3 gcc.

    I've had bad luck in the past but not this consist
    I am getting mega cores 5/1 on items for hits..

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    I've gotten the weekly loot the past 2 weeks fairly easily, but they dont show up in the chats. Now it makes sense because it started after we got that pre event update.

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback, I'll forward it to the Trove team.

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