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Thread: Gathering Day and Patron

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    Gathering Day and Patron

    Does Gathering Day and Patron effect the plants yield when harvested with these bonuses? If so than different plants will need to be planted on different days for Tuesday harvests and max yields.

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    personally not convinced the bonus harvest chance is working on these, a ton of (1) harvested plants never (2) today.

    these prized totter tates are great for expressing how I feel about that

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    I do hope that the gathering bonus not applying is just an oversight on the newer plants.

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    If the gathering bonus doesn't apply on "Tuesday"

    Which then makes everything almost twice as long and somehow I can see this being like the "Caves" at first being oh we don't know how to do it right now. Then about a year later, Plants harvested on gathering day are now patron active.

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