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    Actually that was true. Back when they used to do weekly live streams and take questions. One week they showed the u10 content and the next week the showed the new garden stuff and even said it would all be released and going to the pts server. Then Gamigo took over and only the combat part made it to the pts. But I remember clearly them previewing gardening update as part of that package. I assume those are still on the old twitch channel so you can go back and watch. These were in November of 2018. Them showing it then and having it almost ready for pts to you just now releasing it is trickling content and shows how slow/small the team is, it’s sad but I have no hope for this game anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasie View Post
    Hi Everyone

    I posted in a different thread, but I might as well say it here: We are 100% continuing console development. Zero, Nada, Zilch, intention for anything else. Nor is the game "dying" on console. New, Active, and Returning player numbers, etc are great for its current point in the typical MMO life-cycle.

    I get we need to say this, but at the same time - absolutely every online game I play, including Trove, has (sometimes daily) posts about how the game is dying for some reason or another. Some are valid, some aren't. As such its not feasible to respond all the time But I get its important to say, so sorry for not saying it enough.

    As for the topic at hand:

    When we transitioned to gamigo we had to make production decisions based on our team size, along with other factors. One of those was to move NA/EU PC and Console/Japan/PC China onto separate content schedules (However Events and Luxion are on the same schedule). Our plan is to do a couple major updates a year for Console/Japan/China PC, where they catch up with the past months of PC releases. There are various reasons for this, none by themselves that major, that all add up time wise; here are a few:
    • UI Development
    • Console Optimizations
    • Additional QA
    • Certification
    • Product Creation
    • Branching/Build overhead
    • Iteration/Testing time
    • ...

    I mean the alternate is that we delay everything including PC until they are all ready. It's not like you would be seeing an update that much sooner. And there are benefits, for example we roll additional hotfixes that PC got into the console build - there are bugs they never even see. That said, I get its frustrating - so this is just telling you why we made the decision.

    As for Going Green:

    It is going well on consoles. Its in QA right now on an internal build. We haven't made the final packages to submit for certification, but are getting closer.
    We have some outstanding UI/Minor bugs. Its planned to release later this summer. Ironically, this was mentioned in the Going Green blog post yesterday.

    This isnt true! Yes, some parts where worked on last year because we made the decision last November to release in June, but the entire team has certainly been working on new content this year

    Yes - When console gets the Going Green update, it will also get Bomber Season 2, and everything else on PC. Our dev lock was a few weeks ago, so at minimum nearly everything live on PC will be included in the Going Green update on consoles.

    Yes, we use Jira for our project management and bug tracking. I understand the spirit behind the request, but its simply not feasible to open this up - security, unannounced information, spoilers, exploits - to name a few.

    Hope this answers some of your questions!

    Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly the type of communication that the community has been asking for. I hope we see more like this in the future. 👍

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    Thanks for the post. Now i hope you will work on high level content Survival mode + geode tower Minimum Pr25k to access everything in normal mode, 30k hard, 35k for ultra ( then you add cristal ring + new primordial dragon for 35k pr ). Thanks

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    Can u guys please let us play pts live server is so boring, pts is so much more fun PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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