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    I know it might seem tedious but a lot of development and company teams have ticket boards using Trello or Jira to manage upcoming sprints, backlog tickets, current work, planned work, etc.

    I think that if you guys (Gamigo) provided us with visibility into what you're working on then you'd see a lot of people have more conservative opinions because they'd have more understanding. The visibility of knowing what you're working on could allow us to give you feedback for what we WANT rather than what you think we want. Together, we could make Trove great again.

    Players are angry because you're not communicating. This post seems like (arguably) you guys trying to be more communicative but it's so vague that it's just making people even more angry.

    In summary, we just want to feel like we have a voice and we just want to be included and help trove. We want to HELP. All of these negative replies are actually players who REALLY care about the community, even if they're coming off as toxic. Gamigo, you should listen to and work with us. We've been around longer and we keep you in business.

    PS: I second the Ugly's notion of Leaders knowing the community as a whole. Half the players commenting in this thread are OWNERS of top clubs that have been here since beta. I can honestly say it's the leaders job to keep the game afloat by keeping communities together. These communities spend money on Trove. I'll speak for us all when I say i've heard countless players say "If it wasn't for this <insert club here> club I wouldn't have kept playing trove". Gamigo, we could help so much if you'd let us. Please, just listen to us. Otherwise we'll continue to get fed up, eventually quit, and we'll take a large portion of the club with us. People quit when club's die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbubblesps4 View Post
    We might believe you if pc was getting fast updates. But they aren’t. Pc updates are now slower than they were before which makes console updates feel like they will never happen. Everything you are releasing for pc was previewed and scheduled for release last year. You broke up one big update into small parts and are trickling the release into small sections that are taking forever to do.

    If you wanted to be honest you’d say you don’t have enough people to make new updates so your just releasing stuff the previous team did very slowly. Other games I play release console updates and pc updates very close together because console doesn’t take that much longer if you have actual resources developing the content. No one believes this is better for everyone when the truth is you just don’t have enough people to make new content in a reasonable amount of time.
    Balls in your court devs. You just got owned.

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    Trove is Gamigos 1st step into the Console market and my God are they doing a bad job. With the ever increasing delay between PC and Console updates us console end game players have very little reason to log in each day. U10 is starting to get very tiresome and BR2 and Gardening 2.0 is NOT exciting most of the people who I speak to on Xbox, with a lot begrudgingly saying "well it's mastery so I guess I'll have to do it".

    If you want to kill off Trove on Console there are better ways...mabe just be honest with us.

    The lack of any idea what you intend to do past Gardening 2.0 is just frustrating. I'm sorry but the "it's a secret, you'll just have to wait and see!!" approach doesn't cut it anymore when players are this concerned about the future of the game they enjoy. You know, saying "we have an update but can't give details" does nothing to calm concern. Please, give us details!! Give us information, a reason to keep playing and spending $$$ on your game, because the longer you remain quiet the more people simple walk away and play any of the other quality console games we have on offer. To be honest there's a few games I've been looking at, but have put to one side because I enjoy Trove. Maybe it's time to give those titles a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gedc View Post
    hey trovians,

    we noticed that consoles players are feeling left behind and are worried about not having updates at the same time as the pc version. Rest assured that we care equally as much about the console version as the pc version, and want to explain why there is a difference in the update rhythm.

    When the console version was initially released, pc and console reached release parity over the course of about 6 months, which meant that both had patches released at the same time. The thing is, console patches take much longer to develop due to the various console specific requirements. It also takes time to put console patches through certification (which pc patches don't require).

    Slowing down the development cycle to match the speed of content releases for consoles means that less content can be released and that we have to live with bugs longer between releases, so we've split them back apart. This has some added benefits for both console and pc players:
    • we can release content faster for pc
    • fix bugs before they reach console

    thank you again for letting us know your concerns, because we want to keep an open and honest dialog with you. We hope you now understand that patching consoles later than the pc version leads to a more complete update for console players.
    good afternoon, of the same way i recommend to update our pc every 6 months to have an optimal function to be able to play our favorite games.

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