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Thread: Help getting to 600 mastery.

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    Help getting to 600 mastery.

    I have almost every dragon except for a few ancestral dragons and 2 of the legendary dragons. So Iím working on getting all of those now.

    But Iím at 450 mastery and Iím struggling to see how I can climb to 600. Any mount I donít have now is either not on the marketplace or is several 100k in flux. So how bad is this grind to 600? xvideos xnxx chaturbate

    Any tips? Maybe some mastery sources I havenít thought about you guys may know?
    Iíve got about 50 in geode mastery.

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    Costumes, allies, flasks, wings, vangardian class, badges, ships, sails. Just press Y and explore sources
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    If you are a free to play player, there's no easy way... Farm a lot, make a lot of flux, buy what you're missing. Most of the players that already are at 600 and over have been playing for a long time, getting all the events and packs, saving flux, buying credits to buy the stuff from the store and etc. It does take time.

    If you can/want spend real money, buy credits and sell it to make fast flux.
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    Make sure that you craft all of the collectible costumes/allies/mounts at the Chaos Crafting Bench, The Shadow Tower table, The Resistor Crafting Bench(Luminopolis), and the Geode crafting table. I'm a long time player, but I did not get all the way to 600 Trove mastery because I did not do the crafting when the Heroes or Geode mining updates came out. I slowly over time worked on making everything that I could at the Chaos Crafting Bench.

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