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Thread: PSA (Scammer Warning) - Don't trust Johnmart19

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    Exclamation PSA (Scammer Warning) - Don't trust Johnmart19

    We were placing items in the club chest and he came then took ~60k flux worth of glim + more. It's not the first time people have said that he steals things from chests and disappears.

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    I don't think theres much you can do as this is simply 1 sided and unfortunately naming and shaming is usually against forum rules.

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    You and/or club gave him access to the chest.

    You may want to look up what "scammer" and "stealing" means.

    also as started above naming and shaming is against the forum rules.

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    Note: there are people that take everything from club chest even if there are "don't take everything and be greedy" "try to save items for others and be kind" signs. They tend to be reason clubs have a requirement so less chance they are people who want items or take items to sell off in desperation. Although even with high requirements, people's personalities there's bound to be one person that will take as much as can, leave club, join another and repeat. Would suggest put in small amounts into club for those to take at any point then the rest keep in officer or a storage club to trickle and restock club chest. That way any greedy person only takes small chunks and can warn them and or kick them if they keep emptying the chest.

    Another thing, with chest access you can not send a support ticket. They will say the person that took everything had sufficient permissions to the chest. I witnessed this when thought a club was dead years ago but turned out the names were just hidden after they been offline for a while and a person took small chunk of random items I stored. Hopefully name can be edited out so others can change permission in future or other club owners brake up items to trickle into club chest too.
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    If you knew those Glims are valuable (especially with the upcoming Gardening), why put inside? Does your new inventory system bugged or what? I can carry 1 million of Glim in my bag like nothing. Why on earth would you want put inside a club chest where you agreed that every member has the rights to take them.

    As other said, even with 9 signs surrounded the chest this is going to happen. But your screenshot only show the record. This doesn't mean that player is a thief. It could be the player is a new player and think that Glims are useless, but later take those back when they realized. You, however feel disappointed about the "free gift", and come post in Forum.

    If you really want to use a Club Chest as a givaway to help new players, you need to do these:
    1) Do not salt when a newbies takeaway a Ganda where you don't need it anymore and put inside.
    2) Press P and manage permission. Self-explanatory.
    3) Never put a Ganda inside if you feel salty. Instead, put a common Stellar 3 rings so you won't heartbreaking in case they got wiped. (PS: They won't worth a lot)
    4) Every big Trove club or even small one should have Discord. It can do things such as random givaway. Make good use of bot.
    5) Make a special chat channel in Discord where members record what they took and what they put. So you will give more attention if the member takes your Ganda everyday, or if they find excuses not to record.

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    Well your club is worth less than 50k flux to this person. Maybe you should be thankful they have left.

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