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Thread: Foods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedlings View Post
    Even if we are stuck with the current values, I spot a balance issue regarding two specific foods:

    Washed Unicorn Chard: +250 PD for 60 minutes
    Washed Qubbage: +250 MD for 120 minutes

    They really should have the same duration; as is you're just favoring magic damage classes once again. (Also, I'd expect Magic Damage to be on the Unicorn Chard since that feels more "magical" to me.)
    It looks like this update is going live "as is" on Tuesday -- hopefully we'll see some balancing tweaks after that. Foods being largely useless to most players who would be capable of producing them is one of my only real gripes with the patch right now (the rest of the stuff would be "nice to have" items, but having only two foods that are worth using on high-level characters is frustrating). I really hope these get a serious looking at in the next few patches.

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    Entrance of Gardening Fixtures needs relocating

    (can be deleted, wrong post, sry)

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