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Thread: Villages in Trove- good or bad?

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    Villages in Trove- good or bad?

    Hi. I have idea to make Trove more intresting. Developers could add to game some kind of "villages".
    It would work in the same way like dungeons- big constructions where are living some friendly NPCs. You could trade with them or take some quests or something. Those NPCs can be common trovians like knights without weapon and armor some kind of "civilians" or like for example in Fae Wilds faeries. In addition adding villages and NPCs can a little upgrade lore references. As we know only references to lore are in descriptions of weapons styles sometimes. We would be able to speak with villagers about some things and maybe someone could talk about what is happening in world. That would be awesome and what do you think about that?

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    Personally I think this would be splendid to have in-game and I 100% support this idea especially since the new MineCraft "Village & Pillage" Update recently came out! I would really love to see this come into the game.

    My only worry however is the lore aspects. Trove's never really had much of a story-telling feel to it; while minor bits and pieces do exist in the form of vague item descriptions and text on signs, It really wouldn't make much sense to expand on in it without a solid basis to build a story on. The tutorial so far is the only thing that has a "Single-Player" like feel to it in terms of plot and even that plot is extremely brief with very little details. The intro for the game's boot up is, again, a nice touch, but it's a nice touch for something that isn't really there. All you do is farm dungeons among other things but there's no real "Story" element involved. Just basic gameplay.

    The Devs for Trove also aren't the best writers out there. No offense to the Devs but right now, with what we currently have, nothing really makes much sense given how little we have to work off of.

    Besides your average "Cursed Skulls" or "Defeat this enemy", there really aren't many primary objectives in the game; with Secondary Objectives taking the form of Outpost Shrine Adventures and Club World Adventures. Now if we had a proper system like Golden Threads but just a tad bit more flexible, we might be able to really take off from there with each Uber world having it's own special thread and perhaps even a progress bar under each world. And it certainly would be an amazing change if cutscenes became a standard thing as you meet different NPC's and progress from one world to the next. This of course could bring its own myriad of issues. But it would certainly be a very nice change of pace from what the game is now.
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    It's a good idea... It can even hold its own events, like, defend the village from the waves of shadow enemies. Maybe even add different turrets placeable on villages only and many entrances to the village so players have to coordinate to protect a crystal in the middle of the village. Like a tower defense minigame. Both the turrets and the waves mechanics are already on the game by the way. The waves would ignore attacking players and go directly to attack turrets or the crystal. I'm sure devs could develop the idea. There can even be castles with this event concept, maybe an instances, but would be cooler on open world ubers.

    That's what the game need, new mechanics, new creative things, not more grind and timegate stuff, please.
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    Amazing idea, simple and interesting.

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    Oh kinda like what life introduced when outpost in neon and geode spaceship in hub. More intractable NPCs even though outpost ones are purely for quest. Even the new portal tower brought in life with guards and the clubit king.
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    I'd love to just see more zones include outposts (ideally, every sub-biome would have a couple outpost types that could spawn, like Luminopolis and Geode topside). It would also be interesting to see a "3-star" outpost type, with more NPCs (maybe in the style of a neighborhood/village/town in some biomes, as suggested by Barkow) -- perhaps even some NPCs that gave quest THREADS (instead of a single "do X thing Y times", have a set of tasks, with the final task rewarding the bulk of the XP/reward), and perhaps special biome-specific workbenches, similar to the resistor workbenches found in Luminopolis outposts.

    Edit: I'd also love to see more outpost quests that offer item rewards, like most golden threads and the Geode outpost quests do, rather than just XP. Item rewards make them more attractive to players who may have already leveled all classes to 30.

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    This actually sounds like a cool idea. I support the idea of villages with quests in them, and the idea of some quests being threads.

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