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Thread: how to block ppl from clubs?

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    Exclamation how to block ppl from clubs?

    there is a command named /club block

    but how does it work? i know very annoying players which i wished they never can join the clubworld again..

    scyushi talked about this in his last video (club block [club name] [playername]) but it aint working.

    help me?

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    Club blocking works the same as the ignore command. They need to be online to get hit with it. Already know there is a unstoppable grief team and just have to try be persistent and fast in typing when they show up online.
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    /clublock "clubname" nick

    Use "

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    everything above is not right fully.

    /Club Block "Your Club Name" playername
    /Club Unblock "You Club Name" Playername

    1. they can not be a member of the club
    2. they must be online
    3. " " must be used around club name
    4. /kick playername as you type out the longer command kicks them to the hub as you block.

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