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Thread: Gardening Rework and uhm, what about Chloromancer Rework?

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    Gardening Rework and uhm, what about Chloromancer Rework?

    As the title says, for long Chloromancer players have been asking for it, and have been waiting for it (including me, as it is one of the classes i have maxed, and i pretty like it), and, after the Gardening rework/Gardening 2.0/Going Green went Online on PTS i thought about, isn't it the perfect update to rework this class? As it has been said they are going to rework classes along with updates, one by one [disappointed about this, as several classes extremely needs a rework that i have been waiting for a lot, including: Boomeranger, Chloromancer, Lunar Lancer and Tomb Raiser].

    Hope you get the point of this short post :soontm:
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    this is exactly right. i think they put their foot in their mouth with this one, theres nothing that could distract the players more from the actual update itself than something that should have obviously been included with it.

    can any devs make any kind of statement on their plans for chloromancer? anything at all? ive been waiting for so long to have my favorite (and objectively the worst) class in the game to get some actual love.

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    Trion talked about reworking classes NOT gamigo, it's very unlikely that they'll get around to doing something like reworking a class not even trion really talked about as boomer an tomb was next in line.

    There's a clear need an want on some things an tbh if they want to move forward and have the community happy, they need to do a poll on what they should try working on next, be it classes, QOL that people actually want, continue the club updates or what have you.

    We all want things but do we need them? For me its fixing clubs quests as an end gamer that's pretty much all I do now, also see alot of not endgame people grinding quest aswell as it's part of the core of the game now of days.

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    yea i find that chloromancer is alittle slow compaired to others as every skill takes time to activate. i think they should change the skills and remoive the growth period and allow stacking damage per flower. the healing bomb skill is basicly useless do to the long activation time so i think they should make it a periotic aoe healing totem like skill. and the last skill needs complete rework as it really dose nothing at all. maybe make it wherethe chloromancer lets out a rapid healing pollen to heal people within range and damages baddies. also the class gem is underwhelming if you can get reliable spawns its nice but it just spawn enough to make it that much better than not having it.

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