Hey folks,

Earlier today at approximately 22:45 UTC (3:45 PM PT), some of the worlds on PC granted players who logged in to them 266 Trove Mastery Points. These mastery points were temporary and tied to the world that granted them. The Mastery Points were lost when the player left the affected world and the Mastery leaderboard now reflects the correct Mastery Point values. We worked quickly to remove the affected worlds, but around 2,000 players received the temporary mastery points.

Unfortunately, if the temporary points were enough to grant an affected player a new Trove Mastery Rank, the player would retain the new rank. We have taken action and players who reached a Mastery level that is not yet attainable have been set back down to a normal level. All other affected players will keep the extra mastery level.

Please be aware that if your character is affected by this, your mastery bar in the character sheet will reflect the additional mastery points you actually need to obtain to reach the next level. For example, if you would normally need 300 points to obtain the next level, you might see something like 25/566 Trove Mastery Points instead of 25/300.