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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortStuff1979 View Post
    Compensation-- get to play when it comes back off maintenance.
    IF it comes back

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    It should, even if its longer than an hour to fix whatever it may be. I just don't understand why so many people get so bent out of shape for things like this. While everyone is sitting at home with their families, the team is still at work missing time with theirs. :shrugs:

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    Weekly Friday server maintenance, 1 hr or 24, your guess is good as mine.

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    Hi all,

    The servers are now back online. We know that we've been working on them much more than usual, and we want to get things back up and running at 100% as much as you do.

    As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we are offering a log-in bonus to players who have accounts that are over 7 days old:
    • 1 Ninth Life
    • 2 Empowered Gem Boxes
    • 5 Daily LeaderboardB oxes
    • 10 Gem Booster Boxes

    This bonus will run until April 30th at 4 AM PFT / 11 AM UTC.
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