Hi there people of trove,
My name is Gallerresean and I am new to this forums and LOVE to make cornerstone ideas. I will regularly post a few of my cornerstone ideas that I make in MagixaVoxel. I will also make sure there is a link to download this .vox so you can make it on your cornerstone. Pictures included of course!

So who am i?
I am a 21 year old graphic designer from the Netherlands, with a huge love for gaming. I am following a college course in graphic design. My hobbies are: Gaming, drawing, Modeling and doing youtube. I have a (previous child-friendly) youtube channel named Gallerresean. Once i get better internet and a better pc i am planning to upload more content trove related too. I came back after two years cause a friend invited me, since i got interested in voxel before that i decided to get some inspritation from Trove itself.

I am also the clan leader of my club "The Soviet gallies" , it's how my fanbase is called and 4 of my fans already joined. You are always welcome to join if i get to know you a little bit more.

Nice meeting you all,