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Thread: No weekly leaderbords awards - and they are still broken.

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    No weekly leaderbords awards - and they are still broken.

    Not only we do not get daily dragonite, but there weren´t even weekly leaderbords awards.

    There is lot of goodies from leaderbords awards, so there better be a good compensation - and not 50 chaos chests or something.

    I even played bomber under rank 100 to get coins easily, and now ? Rip. Glim contest ? Rip. Crystal pinatas ? Rip.

    Dragon effigy and 300 bomber coins boost should do it : p

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    Yeah this is nuts. I kinda feared this when the leader boards weren't fixed but even still I'm disappointed.

    And before anyone rolls thru this thread with trash like "wow you guys are so entitled" or something along those lines: Yeah, in this case I kinda am. I worked really hard this week before the leader boards crapped their pants to rank in a lot of the weeklies. I mostly play Trove anymore with the leader boards in mind. so I basically wasted half a week of Patron that I Paid for.

    I'd love to know what the heck happened that they needed to bring the game down for so long and then break the leader boards. as far as I saw the week leading up to it, it was working fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Borbarad View Post
    Dragon effigy and 300 bomber coins boost should do it : p
    I understand you are upset at this, and I know a lot of early game players depend on those power rank contests for empowered gem boxes. We no doubt will be getting compensation, but I doubt it will be anything as lucrative as a dragon effigy. We've only gotten the effigy once as a compensation reward before, and it was for when we couldn't even log into the game. I think a lot of players are spoiled by that one time and think they can only get better. At least we can play the game and get our dailies and shadow towers done. If the issue persists for another few days, we might get something like a dragon effigy, but if it's patched within the next day or so, I don't think it will be effigy equivalent, but it will be something pretty good.

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