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Thread: Stuck under void now not only can i not play i went from 12 flask to 10

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    Thumbs up Stuck under void now not only can i not play i went from 12 flask to 10

    Hi i was trying to get the nimble nimbus but then i fell off the skylands map now im stuck there and i can to back to hub beacsue i keep falling to fast, i restarted to game so that a\i could go back to hub and now i went from 12 flask cap to 10 plz help me, when ever i go back to the skylands i still get stuck in the void.

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    I have noticed there is a bug on rally spawn point or cornerstone spawn point. Usually after placing a cornerstone down and leaving the world rejoining the world and dying or /respawn will have a high chance to toss you over a gap or just under a island. After you use any jumps you are stuck with the same jumps since you never land. This issue I noticed and mentioned like 5+ months ago. Tend to try avoid leaving the world but there is a slight chance something else sets off this bug.

    The only solutions so far after disrupting the respawn point is 1.leave the world go into another or wait until go into cursed skylands again. 2. Get invited by a friend then hurry to place a cornerstone to get a new spawn point.
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    You may also open your friends list, and see if you're able to join a friend in another area.

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